Hi, I’m Scott Rower, PhD.

but I just go by Scott.  I work as a psychologist but you might also call me a worry-soother, feelings-unblocker, depression-lifter, meaning-finder or a trust-builder.

I help people who are stuck with some emotional or relationship problem and their usual way of coping isn’t helping.  In fact, it’s probably making things worse.  They want to move on but are usually stuck in 1 of 3 ways…


  1. they aren’t aware of what is causing the problem or what needs to change
  2. fear of making the changes they want to make is overwhelming
  3. they are convinced that they can ‘fix it’ through trying to think about it more or read more books

How I Help

I help my clients by…
  • supporting them through genuine caring and understanding
  • guiding them to challenge themselves, to grow and to learn new skills
In the many years it took me to earn a PhD I have studied intensively how people get stuck in their challenges.
More importantly I have learned how to help them to get unstuck and move on to live full, vital lives.  I know that even when it seems futile there is ALWAYS hope for things to be better.  If you are alive you are capable of change.  End of story.

Education and Credentials

This is the part where I show you I know what I’m doing.  Rather than list this all out here, you can see my degrees and formal clinical training here.

My Pledge To You
To be completely honest, my job is one where it’s easy to be lazy.  The stereotype of the checked out therapist who just listens, asks questions about your childhood, and stops caring as soon as the time is up is out there for a reason.  I assure you though that if you decide to work with me you are getting a therapist that is committed to excellence.  I hold the values of authenticity, compassion, and trust supremely important in every session I have with my clients.  I work hard to help my clients develop the skills that will make their life more complete.
The First Step
I’ve successfully worked with many people and they all started with this first step – asking for help.  I hope you will read more on this site or contact me to schedule a session to see if I can help you.

Ready to take the next step?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have