Frequently Asked Questions:  these cover many of the questions clients ask before starting therapy. If you have additional questions, please send me a message.

Therapy is not an expense.
Therapy gives you your life back.  It helps you create your new normal.
What is that worth to you?

Intake Appointment = $250
50 Minute Session = $165

*Most insurance plans reimburse at least 50%, even for out-of-network therapists.  I can help you find out this info if you are unsure.

The Right Fit – In order for therapy to be effective and useful for you it is essential that you find someone that you trust and feel comfortable with. Since I believe strongly in this I provide a free phone consultation.

I am ‘in-network’ with Pacific Source.

For all other insurances I am ‘out-of-network’ and can show you how to get reimbursed by your insurance company based on the plan you have with them.

The only insurance company I can’t work with is Oregon Health Plan (medicaid). The Mid-Columbia Center for Living is the only facility that is able to accept OHP.

If you are confused by this contact me and I can walk you through the steps.

In-network or preferred provider means that the therapist has a contract with this insurance company and you can likely see this therapist at a lower rate. The advantage here is you will likely pay less money.

Out-of-network means that the therapist has not contracted with your insurance company to charge at a negotiated rate. The advantage here is that you have more options to choose who you want to work with.

Private pay or out of pocket means you choose to pay your therapist and not use insurance. The advantage here is that you won’t have a diagnosis on record with your insurance and that you & your therapist have more flexibility regarding your treatment.

I suggest you contact your insurance company (online or via the member services number located on the back of your insurance card) to ask questions about the coverage of your plan so that you can make an informed decision before beginning therapy.

When you call ask them the following questions:
#1 – What are my mental health, outpatient benefits for in-network providers?
#2 – What about for out-of-network providers?

You want to make sure you have this info before hanging up…

#1 – Your in-network & out-of-network deductible
#2 – Your in-network & out-of-network co-pay or co-insurance
#3 – If you have a separate deductible for mental health
#4 – If pre-approval is required before starting therapy

I prefer check or cash. If needed we can use a credit, debit or HSA card as well.

The fee for is collected at or before the session.

Returned checks are subject to a $20.00 fee.

A $70.00 missed appointment fee is charged for appointments not canceled within 24 hours. Insurance companies do not cover the fee for a missed appointment.
I request that you cancel or reschedule your appointments at least 24-hours in advance. You will be responsible for a fee of $70 if cancellation is less than 24 hours. If I am able to reschedule you to an open time later in the week than the fee will be waived.

Consistent attendance is essential to get results.

Please note that your insurance will not reimburse payment for missed meetings or late cancellations.